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Public Practice E-news


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  • From the BILLiverse

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  • Busy Season Outlook: Tough, Competitive and Uncertain

  • Five Things CPAs Should Consider before Year’s End

  • Six Trends that are Reshaping Business

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  • From the BILLiverse

  • Marketing Tip: Investing in Your Niche to Achieve Success

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  • From the BILLiverse

  • Marketing Tip: Building a Successful Niche Practice

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  • The Inverted Pyramid – Does Your Firm Look like This?

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  • From the BILLiverse

  • Marketing Tip: Creating and Communicating Value Statements

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  • From the BILLiverse

  • AAA 2013 Paperless Benchmark Survey Results

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  • 12 Reasons to Love Tax Season

  • Promoting Portal Adoption

  • Minimizing the Legal Risks of CPA Practice

  • How Accountants Use Social Media for Business

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  • How to Create a No-Equity Partner Position in Your Firm

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  • Windows 8: Jump or Wait?

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  • From the BILLiverse
  • MAP Survey Deadline Extended to August 17
  • The New Expectations Gap between Clients and CPAs
  • Accounting Technology Game Changers
  • Most U.S. Small Businesses Lack Disaster-Recovery Plan
  • Freshen Up Your E-mail Newsletter
  • How to Attract Clients Like a Magnet


  • From the BILLiverse

  • How Do You Spot Future “Rock Stars” in Your Office

  •  TSCPA Marketing Tip: Referral Source Marketing to Amp Up Business Development

  •  Protecting Your Laptop – and the Information in It

  •  Take the 2012 PCPS/TSCPA National MAP Survey

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  • From the BILLiverse

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